Coffee Table into Ottoman

Coffee Table into OttomanOld coffee tables are all worn out and ugly. Even some lacquer or wood stain cannot simply renew how it used to look like. When we buy a new one, we ought to throw them away. But don’t! We can still convert it to something new, something like an ottoman.

Coffee Table into Ottoman

 This is a do it yourself project. All you need are thin foam, printed upholstered cloth with cool color or print, buttons, scissors and staplers.Measure the table. Cut the fabric and thin foam approximately fives inches more than the size of the surface per side.

Sew the fabric and thin foam together. Note that when you sew, there exists an artistic ridge at the site of the thread. You can make out designs. Place some studs or buttons at the ridge to add more beauty.

Place the sewn fabric on top of the coffee table. Secure it properly until a position is desired. Staple the sewn fabric in place. Make it very tight so that it will not damage the fabric.

Now enjoy your ottoman. It makes a good bench, foot stand or anything you want it to be. It’s inexpensive yet it looks brand new! It is super customized too. You chose your own color, design and style. For better results, match the fabric of the ottoman with your couch. With this, it doesn’t seem to obvious that your ottoman is improvised. It can also be a palace ornamental if you place some gold accents at it. It is a do it yourself project and surely you’ll be proud of your own hard work.


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