The Trick to Amazing Potted Plants with Diapers

The Trick to Amazing Potted Plants with DiapersWhat??? Yes, that is a diaper in the bottom of that planter. Do you know the purpose of the diaper? Well, the diaper is placed in the lower portion of the hanging basket so that your plants will rock all season. The diaper is put there for added moisture. By filling wetting the diaper, the plant stays moist longer than it would by just watering the plant. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Here is all you need to do:


1. Purchase a hanging basket. Make sure your hanging basket comes with this lining of moss. This will trap the dirt and protect it from falling out of the planter.


2. Now, put a diaper in the bottom of the hanging basket. Just put it in there just like it is shown in the illustration.

The Trick to Amazing Potted Plants with Diapers


3. Fill the hanging basket 3/4 of the way with soil.


4. Place your plants inside of the hanging basket. Place more soil on top of your plants to hold them in place or your seeds whichever you are planting.


The idea is this: diapers are filled with the water absorbing polymer crystals. Once wet, these polymer crystals expand and stay moist for some time. These wet crystals will help keep the plants happy because as the top of the soil becomes dry, the crystals will keep the pant revived with water. These polymer crystals are also the same crystals that are available at garden stores except they are not in diaper form. I’m sure you have a diaper or two laying around, may as well put it to use in a way that will bring you great benefit in your garden in summer months.


2 thoughts on “The Trick to Amazing Potted Plants with Diapers

  • May 31, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    I can’t help but wonder if this works as described when a diaper is used intact? Disposable diapers do contain absorbant polymer crystals designed to absorb the fluids that our babies fill them with. But diapers are also designed with a layer (or layers) of material that has the job of preventing leaks from coming in contact with babies skin. I viewed a video that disassembled the diapers, collected the crystals, and then mixed them with potting soil. I see that as perhaps being a more successful way of using the diapers.

    However, a second video I found has even made me want to do more research on the way different polymers are cut for different uses. Granted, this was a video produced by a maker of crystals sold for horticultural use, but they said that the way “diaper” crystals are cut with metal pretty much ensures they are more temporary, and not capable of being used for many wet/dry cycles like their crystals that are cut with compressed air that allows them to be used for multiple growing seasons.

    Do you have any thoughts about this at all?

    • May 31, 2015 at 8:52 pm

      Good information, Asha! I haven’t heard that. Though from practical observation, they do seem sot help the plants as described above.


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