Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen CabinetsEvery few years, you will want to change the face of your kitchen cabinets. The inside of the cabinets may be in good condition but the outside of the cabinets may need a face lift. Even in the case that they don’t need any work, you just may want a new look to your kitchen. In that case, the best way to face lift your kitchen is to begin by putting a fresh coat of paint on your cabinet doors.

Since I’ll probably be doing this soon…. here are some pro secrets for painting kitchen cabinets. Remove the entire door to the cabinet. Sand down the surface of the cabinets. Wipe away any dust or debris and paint the cabinets by hand. Painting the cabinets by hand is far better than spraying the cabinets. Spraying the cabinets means you risk spraying other areas of the kitchen you do not want.

What about that surface debris? If you don’t get that surface debris off the paint won’t adhere well. It will also won’t have uniformity in smoothness. This is also why it is important to sand down the surface. Sanding gives you a great base for your paint. It also ensures there are not surface debris that will look horrible hiding under paint.

The final step in prepping your cabinets for a paint job is to prime the cabinets. Primer gives the best conditions for paint to adhere to. Primer will ensure your paint job is as professional as you can get it. These are the steps you want to follow when painting your kitchen cabinets and these are the secrets of the pros.


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