Shoe Storage

Shoe StorageShoe storage… there are so many ways to store shoes. This once has to we one of the most creative and unique ones I have seen. This shoe unit will hold a lot of shoes. It is great for a teenager’s room and for also for smaller children. What is even more great about this shoe storage idea is the price.

Shoe Storage

This unit can easily be made using PVC pipes. The large the PVC pipe the more shoes you can fit in each cubicle. Here is how you can make one of these units for your kid’s room. Purchase PVC pipe at least 9″ wide. Cut each PVC pipe roughly 11″ long or long enough to comfortably fit a pair of shoes. You will need to make 27 of these tubes. After all tubes are cut to your desired length, stack them in rows of three. To keep them from falling you can drill a small hole on the inside of each pipe and connect them with a small screw. Secure the screw by placing with a washer. If you would like to skip this step (which you could) just place all PVC pipes securely against a wall. This will ensure they will not roll.


Remember, PVC comes in different colors such as gray, white and black. You can add your own touch by spraying the PVC pipes with spray paint. You can also paint the pipes one color or a rainbow of colors. Add prints to the pipes by gluing wall paper or border onto the inside or outside of each pipe.


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