I Would Have Never Thought to Do This Behind the Front Door

I Would Have Never Thought to Do This Behind the Front DoorDo you realize how much wasted space is in your home? I mean really look around. Do you see how much wall, floor and ceiling space that is completely usable goes unused?Well, what about the space behind the front door. Go look! I’ll wait!!! I’m sure the area wall behind your front door is clean or rather it is a clean slate that you never thought about using. And here, I present you with a great idea where you can utilize that space behind your front door. This is a great alternative to houses having no coat closet.

Take a gander at this….

I Would Have Never Thought to Do This Behind the Front Door

I would have never thought to do this behind the front door and how about you? I mean look at it again… It is pure genius. The space behind the front door usually goes unused because, well…. it is behind the front door. How much attention or focus is normally put on this space. Well, once you jazz up this space, I think you will give it more attention. I know I will.


Now, here is the skinny. What you need to do here is put up lumbar that will provide the frame. You will place two pieces of lumbar on the outside or far left and right. Next you will need to put three pieces of lumbar on the top, middle and bottom. You will need to apply 3 pieces of wood on the top and bottom of those top, middle and bottom pieces so that they look like an intersection. Apply molding to resemble a mantel and that’s it!!! Of course you will need to paint, add coat hooks and your favorite photos and paintings but that is relatively easy.


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