Conservation of Bathroom Space

Conservation of Bathroom SpaceBathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of any house, but if you’re stuck with one that’s ‘cramping your style’ you might want to consider making these minor changes to maximize your space:

Conservation of Bathroom Space


Place a tray on the top of your toilet, filled with your favorite bathroom products such as perfumes, skincare, and candles.

Install a small book-shelve or a set of shelves for added storage for towels and toilet paper.

Use glass jars and tumblers to collect your loose products such as hair ties and soaps.

For personal items, tuck them away in tiny baskets and add them to your shelf. Select baskets that have a pretty exterior to serve as decorative storage.

For larger items like hair brushes, stow them in large plastic bins to de-clutter your counter space.

To add visual appeal, nail a few paintings on top of the toilet. You want to make sure they are arranged in a vertical pattern. This will trick the eye into thinking the room is longer than what it is. Make sure the largest frame is at eye level. Too low and it will make your wall look cluttered.

If room is available, add a few trinkets to one of your shelves. Pick decor in a monochromatic color scheme to make the space look larger and minimize clutter. Here we’re seeing a lot of white, which is a fabulous color for making your room look larger.

Metal adds an extravagant edge to any room, so try to incorporate metal frames or trays into your bathroom for a similar finish.


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