Cute Towel Ring Hanger

Cute Towel Ring HangerCute Towel Ring Hanger

Are you tired of seeing those same old boring towel hangers at home? Well, I am too! Towel hangers can actually be enhanced or redecorated to your liking. You can even make one yourself! With a piece of wood, cut it to any length you want, then you can paint it a little shade darker to make it look vintage, or apply varnish to make it look fancy.

Then put a hook Cute Towel Ring Hanger or two to where you can hang your towels. If ever you want to add some decorations on it, you can do so by sticking some cute DIY decors Cute Towel Ring Hanger or crafts that you can find of your choice. Another idea would be cutting the wood to any shape like a cloud perhaps, and paint it sky blue, or any shape you want that matches your bathroom’s decor. Another idea would be, instead of hooks, you can place towel bars on the wood.


It can be a new towel bar Cute Towel Ring Hanger or an old vintage one. It all depends on the idea you want, and what decor you want for your bathroom. With this project, it can inspire you to redecorate your bathroom. You won’t be seeing the same old boring bathroom as well as the same old boring towel racks you have. Instead, you’ll be seeing the lovely crafts you made and it will inspire you to make more, as well as sharing these ideas to your friends. There are a lot of decorative ideas for towel hangers that you can make at home.


All you need is your imagination and a few tools to make the perfect towel hanger for your bathroom.


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