Renter’s Wallpaper

Can yohow-did-i-not-know-this-existed-renters-wallpaper-temporary-wallpaper-you-can-easily-remove-when-you-move-or-change-a-bedroomu think of a million things that sucks about being a renter? I mean there are so many things you can’t do as a renter and one of those things is change your apartment with a permanent change without the permission or consent from the Land Lord. I mean that one there really blows because as a renter you want your home (although temporarily your home) to represent who you are as a person.This can be a difficult task because again that Land Lord thing… you must have consent before making changes.

Another thing that really blows with being a renter is that you have to settle with the boring white walls that run through our your rental. I mean white walls? Yes, they are basic but they do not have any character and again they do not represent who you are as a person. However, did you know that you can purchase renter’s wallpaper? How did I not know this existed? Well, I was sick of looking at those white walls and wanted something with a littler more character that I could easily remove once my lease was up. Renter’s wallpaper is a temporary wallpaper that you can put up and take down to replace or remove permanently.


Temporary wallpaper comes in a bunch of colors and designs. There are even murals and inspirational sayings that can be applied to the wall and later peeled off. Don’t let your renter’s status deter you from adding a little spunk to your home decor. There are many solutions to renter’s can’t dos.


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