Problems & Solution: Full Length mirror

Full Length Mirror With Jewelry StorageI’m going to give you two scenarios, both are problems that almost every female will have, but there’s one solution to both problems.

Scenario One:

Have you ever seen someone and you just go “Yep, they definitely don’t know what their bottom half looks like right now..”?  They obviously don’t have a full length mirror to see the bottom half of their outfit. I’ve been one of these people. You go out with brutally honest friends and they see you walking in your parachute pants and they go, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Scenario Two:

 When getting ready to go somewhere you need to have all your jewelry, hair accessories etc. in one area for easy access. But are yours in not so cute plastic tubs? Or maybe it’s scattered across the bathroom counter? When I was younger there were four kids and one bathroom. Three of us were girls and after moving into that house and realizing that we couldn’t spend hours in front of the mirror we all got a solution, which I am about to let you in on.


The solution to both of these problems is simple. A full length mirror with alot of inside storage. Storage is a necessity! These are great and will keep your room looking cleaner and more organized. No more jewelry hung from the door knobs or the walls. Another upside to this is that if someone comes in your room looking to steal some of your things, they won’t even think to look inside the mirror! Keep it all hidden away and safe.

This solution to both problems is a lifesaver. You’ll look good, keep your home looking good and keep your most treasured jewelry safe. It’s a win situation all the way around! You won’t regret it!

Here’s a video showing what it looks like on the inside, outside and at the detailing! Check it out!

If you’d like to buy or browse through such full length mirrors with storage, click the following image:


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