Multi-Purpose Bed & Couch Duo

Multi-Purpose Bed & Couch DuoAlternative to couches-two twin beds that can swivel.Would love this in a game room. Great for sleepovers! DIY tutorial includes super easy design for headboard/back of couch!


I adore multi-functional pieces, and this one is no different! It’s a must-have for families who have a limited amount of space to work with.

Multi Purpose Bed & Couch Duo STEP 1: Build a low, wide table out of plywood.

STEP 2: Line the top of the bench with a carpet mat to keep before throwing a mattress pad ontop to keep it from moving around. You want to give the bed cushion.

STEP 3: Take another mattress pad and fold it in half. Hold it in place with a large rubber band or some sort of durable binding. This will be your pillow.

STEP 4: Throw a sheet and pillow case over each item respectively.

STEP 5: Nail a hook to the bed posts to hold the two beds together.

STEP 6: Line the pillows against the head of the benches. These will be your headboard. It’s important to use mattress padding as your pillows, because you want something stiff that can support your back.

The bed is perfect for sleepovers to use as couches for when the kids are playing games, or when it comes bedtime and it’s time to take a nap. Simply set it up in the play room for easy access. You could always remove the mattress padding and use the bed frame as a table for extra seating at dinner parties or as a bench in the garden, depending on your needs.


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