How to Organize a Whole House

How to Organize a Whole House-1Organization is the ability to take all the clutter in your life and home and place it into neat compartments. It means you will no longer have to search for items because they now have a designated place for them. Let’s just be honest, organization means you took the time to be neat and fix the clutter! When looking to organize, we can definitely take direction and advice from others who have already decluttered and organized their living space. Someone always has a better idea than you! So, it goes without saying that we can all learn a thing or too from other people’s fabulous organization ideas. Here are some ideas on how to organize a whole house. So many great ideas! These will safe you loads of headaches looking for stuff and looking at clutter. Pin now, read later. Organize you keys, cell phone, MP3, wallet, sunglasses and all other knick nacks right by the front door in a nice wicker basket. 

Store all of your fun items in drawers for game night. This way you and your children have easy access to all your board games. This can double up as a magazine table as well.How to Organize a Whole House-2

This is the ultimate garage storage!!! You even have a dry safe place to store your wood. Hang hand tools on a peg board and other cleaning tools on a rack. Perfect solution for garage clutter.  Expandable files are a life save. How often have you had to run around looking for receipts and couldn’t find them? Organize your receipts as well as your household expenses and bills in these files.


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