How to Chevron on Walls

How to Chevron on WallsDo you like Chevron patterns? Sure you do… we all love Chevron patterns. Chevron can be tricky to paint on a wall or other surface. I was sure there was a trick to painting Chevron that was easy and didn’t take a lot of work. After searching and searching this is what I found. If you want to paint chevron on walls or anything else you need to make boxes. Yes, it is that simple! I never thought of drawing boxes first! I am so glad I found this. Take a look:

How to Chevron on Walls


Here is what you need to do to create a Chevron wall.


First you need to tape the entire wall or area to form boxes. The length and width of all boxes should be the same. After taping the wall for individual boxes, you want to then apply tape to the top left to the bottom right of box one.


The tape should go on a diagonal. In box two, you want to do the opposite. You want to tape from the bottom left to the upper right hand corner of the box. Now, in box three, do the same as you did for box one. In box four, do the same that you did for box two and follow this pattern until you reach the end of the wall. Technically odd boxes are top left to bottom right. Even boxes will be taped from the bottom left to the top right. This will form a Chevron pattern.


The only left to do is paint!


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