Couch That is 55” Deep

Couch That is 55 DeepThere is nothing in life that I love more than my husband. I mean he is such a wonderful, caring and generous person. I love his company more than anything but sometimes spending company can be really dreadful. I mean we just can’t find a spot that is comfortable while we spend our time together. Sure the couch is good but it is not spacious enough and we always find ourselves shuffling pillows around to get comfy. I was looking for a solution to our dilemma because I mean who doesn’t want to be comfy while spending time with a loved one? I found this:

Couch That is 55 DeepIcan not describe in words how I felt when I saw this couch. I mean this baby is 55” deep. That’s deeper than a twin bed. So amazingly comfy for napping and snuggling and movie watching.I think I may have found something that will rival the love of my husband. I mean look at this couch…. it looks so comfy. It is exactly what we need to spend long relaxing evenings together.

The cushions on this couch can be stacked in a way that it offers back support while watching the game. I mean come on watching any type of sport requires you to sit on the edge of your seat. The cushions can also be stacked on the side so that you can lounge entirely in the deep seat of the couch. I love this couch!!! This will be in my house some day and I am sure it will get as much love as my hubby does.


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  • April 4, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Who makes this couch? I love it!


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