What a Fun Bathroom

What a Fun BathroomWhat a fun bathroom! Yes it is really fun. It reminds me of a teenager girls room. Although it is the bathroom, why not jazz it up like other parts of your house? Don’t neglect your bathroom and leave it plain white and boring. I mean who needs that in their lives?

 So, you can see how this bathroom is fun and would appeal to any girl at any age, both young and old. It has a beautiful chandelier. Yes, a chandelier in the bathroom. I know this is something you wouldn’t ordinarily see in a bathroom but yes, it really makes a chandelier really makes a statement and that is, “I am a Diva. Watch out!!!”

What a Fun Bathroom

 Pink accents are a nice touch. They compliment the ruffled shower curtain which I love, love, love. The shower curtain reminds me of a Boho or Umbrella skirt. It is just too cute and with accent pieces on that to boot! I would love to see a pale pink fluffy fur type floor rug. I think that would really be nice in this bathroom. This rug would feel great under toe when exiting the shower and it would also liven up the dull floor area.

 You can place a bunch of framed artwork to match your diva bathroom. Nice paintings or artwork would be a nice addition especially those that praise your diva style and fashion. A crystal studded door handle would suit you and your fashion sense. Just remember to have fun when decorating your bathroom and that it doesn’t have to be so drab and boring.


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