How Interior Designers’ Tables are sSyled So Well

How Interior Designers’ Tables are sSyled So WellIn case you were wondering how interior designers’ tables are styled so well. There IS a formula! We don’t know the formula and that is why we can not style our tables as well as designers. We try to make our end tables look a little more fashionable and the truth is they are either too bare or a little too cluttered.

You see in order to make your table an exact science (fashion wise) you must have a balance of items. I mean, you must have a certain amount of items to create a perfect balance. A balance of not too many and not too little. You also need a perfect balance with height. You want some items to be tall while others are short. You don’t want all items to be the same exact size because that is a tad boring. Items that rest on a table and are various heights cause the eye to look at all items giving them their fair share of your glance. You don’t focus too much on one thing or the other rather you give them all a gander. Sounds good? Well, here is what you need to do to get that exact formula for styling your table like an interior designer. There is a formula and the formula is that you must combine 4 items, books, art work, lamp and floral arrangement. Make sure they are of varying heights and keep a color scheme. This will really make your table fashionable and pleasing to the eye.


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