Love The Guest Room Closet

Love The Guest Room ClosetLove The Guest Room Closet

Spice up your Guest Room with a Guest Room Closet! It’s a one of a kind idea of a laundry basket in a small linen closet for guests to put their dirty linens in and towel bars on the inside of the door to hang their used towels or new ones. Whenever guests visit our homes, they only have is their bags and clothes with them.

 They do not have any laundry basket wherever they go and travel. With this idea, they don’t have to pile their used clothes somewhere or put them somewhere in the bag, and it will use up a lot of space. All they have to do is put them in the laundry basket provided inside the linen closet, and guests will truly appreciate it!

 Not only that you make them worry less, they will also feel at home. All you have to do is redo or enhance your linen closet. You have racks inside, you can put a label on each rack for new face towels Love The Guest Room Closet , bath towels Love The Guest Room Closet , or extra pillows Love The Guest Room Closet and sheets Love The Guest Room Closet .

 It will impress the guests on how organized and thoughtful you are. You can even put tool bars Love The Guest Room Closet inside the linen closet door to hang the new towels or where they can hang their used towels. On the ottom of the linen closet, you can place laundry basket to where they can put their laundry or used clothes. For some houses, they have linen closet outside the rooms, and that is okay.

 It doesn’t have to be inside the Guest Room. Guests will be amazed and surely they will take note of this idea from you and apply it to their homes. Happy decorating.


2 thoughts on “Love The Guest Room Closet

  • May 31, 2016 at 7:16 am

    I love your finished work in the guest room closet , it is organised, neat and crisp looking , guests will sure appreciate , i know i will .
    I will copy your idea and start my organising.
    Thank you
    Leila Sarju

  • September 14, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Even nicer, let them put a load or two through the laundry… nothing like getting home with all clean clothes. I always travel with a laundry bag myself.

    Love the ckoset idea although would not call it just guest room closet …where do they hang their clothes?


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