Ballon for Birthday Kid

Ballon for Birthday KidDo you have a birthday (your kids) coming up and you are not sure what to do to make that special day even more special? Do you have one of those kids that is really hard to please so you have to come up with better ideas every year? Well, this one will surely please any kid, young and old alike.

 Have you done this before with your kid in his or her birthday? Ballon avalanche! Yes! Try this when your kid opens his or her bedroom door in the morning. This ballon avalanche uses crepe paper instead of plastic tape.

 Ballon for Birthday Kid

 Here is what you need to do: at night when you little one is sleep and after his/her last bathroom trip of the night, close their bedroom door and begin putting this project together. First, blow up all of your balloons. After you have blown up all the balloons begin placing them on the door and keeping them in place by using crepe paper. Use different color balloons and different color crepe to make it look more festive. The crepe is used to secure the balloons to the door and also so the child can bust through the door int he morning similar to how a runner breaks the tape at the end of the finishing line after he won a race.

 When the child opens the door in the morning, SURPRISE!!!!! and he/she even gets to rip through the crepe after all the balloons have fell down on his/her head like an avalanche. Your kid will remember this forever!!


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