DIY BookShelf

DIY BookShelfDIY BookShelf

Building a bookshelf is perhaps the simplest construction project you will ever accomplish.

 Step 1: Start by picking up some sturdy wood from your local homewares store. You want something thick and that will be easily to paint. Some stores will offer to cut your wood for free, so don’t forget to take a list of measurements with you. Try to gauge the size of your bookshelf by using your couch as your guideline. Your couch should be the largest thing in your living room, so if your bookshelf exceeds the size of your couch, we might have a problem.

 Step 2: Now construct the frame. You want to have thick, wide sides with an empty center. Don’t forget a wide top that is a tad larger than the frame.

 Step 3: After you’re done, sand down the entire unit and followup with a coat of paint. Finish it off with shelves.

 Step 4: Measure the interior of your frame and one you’ve decided how many shelves you would like, cut accordingly. (You might be able to find some suitable measurements online to help start you off.)

 Step 5: Then sand and paint. Add a layer of finishing spray to clean up your work, and stick your shelves into your frame.

 Step 6: Line up your bookshelf behind your couch and start piling in your products. Use baskets to conceal and catch all your basic necessities from magazines to remote controls. If you have kids this is a fantastic suggestion for cleaning up any of their toys.


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