Industrial Shower Head

Industrial Shower HeadIndustrial Shower Head

If you are looking for something new and interesting to put in your bathroom, try this shower head. The shower head provides full overhead coverage. The center stream sprays with the most pressure, while the legs of the shower head spray with smaller pressure but provide greater surface area coverage. In this way, shower head covers more surface area than conventional shower heads. But, that’s not the most interesting part about the shower head. When the shower is turned on, the streams of water flowing through the nozzle create the illusion of spider web threads! The head also looks as if it has eight ‘legs’ coming off of it, furthering the illusion of a spider.

 The metallic color of the shower head matches with any bathroom décor. The silver metal color of the head goes with red, green, blue, or any other colored tiling you may have in the bathroom. The shower nozzle is also easy to install: all you have to do is unscrew your previous shower head and replace it with the new one.

 Even though this is a ‘great shower head’, it still needs maintenance and cleaning like every other shower head. It is suggested that shower heads are changed every six months to avoid accumulation of bacteria in the spaces of the shower head. Instead of replacing the shower head, you could also clean it by soaking the metal parts in warm white vinegar. Read the maintenance guide for specific information about your shower head.

 The industrial look is perfect for any bachelor’s pad or for a getaway dream, vacation home.


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