Front Porch DIY

Front Porch DIYFront Porch DIY

Want to add some extra seating on your patio? Instead of paying for overpriced furniture, make your own. Build a bench with the aid of some sturdy plywood, making sure the planks are wide and thick. Arrange them in a pleasing configuration – you can use this image for some inspiration – and then sand the wood down. You don’t want any rough spots sticking out and scratching you or your guests.

 After the bench has been sanded, it can now be either painted or stained. Wood stains keep the appearance of wood, but they make it lighter or darker. Paint, on the other hand, covers everything. Apply a thick even coat of paint and allow it to dry. If you see any patches then, when its dry, you can reapply the coat of paint. If you paint it while its still wet, then the paint would look uneven in one area. If you want the bench seat to shine, you can add a glossy finish. Varnish could also be used if you want the bench to avoid scratches and dents.

 Voila! You have a custom made bench seat. You’ll be pleased with the final results.

For a bit of color, throw on some pillows in fun prints. Think bright and cheery. The pillow colors should complement that of the bench seat and of the surrounding area; they should not match exactly. However, if you painted the bench seat a dark color, you could make the pillowcases a bright color. Bright does not mean neon; neon colors are never acceptable. It simply means vivid colors that do not irritate the eyes.


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