Solar Lights for a Fraction

Solar Lights for a FractionSolar Lights for a Fraction

You’d be amazed by the treasured hidden in the dark recesses of the Dollar Store from party goods to beauties like this. You can make your own sconce inspired lights with a garden hook and a standalone lantern. Simply hook the hook through the lantern and you’re good to go. You could use hooks that drill into your fence or standing hooks which you can stick into the ground – both will give you a stunning effect. Just make sure your lantern is solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

 Low on lights in your front yard or on the porch? Don’t be scared to add these puppies to either side of your door to help shed a little light. The effect will be magical, so shed a little light.

 If you’re apprehensive about the design, you could always go in with a can of spray paint and dress things up. Simply tape off the the light and solar panel and paint away. I love the idea of red and gold outdoor accessories. I would recommend painting the light red with gold accents for a hint of luxury.

The best part is you’re only spending a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for the standard tiki torches or battery operated garden lights. Depending on your dollar store, you might be able to even pick up the hooks as well, making your project cost close to nothing.

 The Dollar store is full of inspiration, so take advantage and scour through for brilliant finds. You’ll come out with an armful of goodies, guaranteed.


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