DIY Picture Frames

DIY Picture FramesDIY Picture Frames

Have a one of a kind Picture Frame! Here’s what you will do: If you have old picture frames at home that is not being used, you can redecorate them to make them more unique. You can either paint DIY Picture Frames them and do some designs. It’s crafty and can save you a lot of bucks from buying new frames.

 An example is a Chevron design Picture Frame. Chevron’s design is the horizontal zigzag. Now, we can design the frame with that, with any color you want. The popular one is white and turkish blue, another is black and white. I personally was a fan of the Chevron design since last year. It was popular around tumblr and I used it as a background on my online sites. Another idea for designing the Picture Frame are decals DIY Picture Frames.

.After painting the Picture Frame and after it has been dried up, stick the decal on the Picture Frame. It will look so fancy. Anyone would think that it’s expensive! It’s not only the unused frames you can do DIY on, you can even do it on the ones that are being used, if you want. There are a lot of designs online that you a check for your Picture Frames. From Chevron to Tribal, from Nautical to Aztec designs. There are so many of them that it will confusing to you to choose. But you can make all of them, after all there are a lot of memories that we can capture in a minute, any day. Have Fun! icon smile DIY Picture Frames


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