DIY Summer Project

DIY Summer ProjectDIY Summer Project

Create your own standing pots with some wood, using the planks as side panels. Simply attach to a base and stick your plan on top. You want to create something tall to make it stand out, so aim for something that reaches your hip or higher. We recommend the waist or below the bust. The most important aspect of this project is creating a base that is strong and flat. You want to ensure your plants don’t topple over, regardless of the weight, so design accordingly. If you’re still struggling, stick stones or weights at the bottom of your pot.

Don’t forget to consider your plant! Deciding what you’re thinking of planting in the pot is essential. You want the mouth to be large enough to accommodate the size of the plant. A good tip for making it look full is to plant your flowers in a smaller pot and set the pot into your DIY. That way there are no awkward gaps ruining the effect. You want everything generously covered. We suggest looking into overhanging plants that are perfect for this sort of project. If flowers aren’t your thing, grab some ferns. Ferns spread fast and wide – they cover good area in a brief amount of time. You’ll have a lush plant ready to go within 2-3 months worth of time. Also coordinate the color of your paint with the flowers. Pick something neutral so that the greenery stands out. You want to bright attention the flowers – not just the pots presenting them.


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