Want to have your own mini bar at home? It’s easy! Whenever you want to have your friends over, when you talk about the latest happenings in your life, you want something to drink and you prefer to have a glass of wine or cocktails for women, you can do so! And if ever you have a party at home, you can wow your guests with your mini bar, and serve wines and cocktails to them. Now, that would be awesome!

 To have your own mini bar, you can get a little cabinet that you’re not using anymore. It could be bigger too, It depends on what you prefer. First off, clean the cabinet then repaint it to whatever color you want. A suggestion though, Black DIY Bar would be perfect for a mini bar. You can get the hinges off the cabinet, or you can choose to keep them intact.

 You can also choose to keep one side on, one side off. On the open side, you can display your wines, so it would be easier to see them. The closed part, you can store your shot glasses DIY Bar as well as your wine glasses DIY Bar . On top of the cabinet, you can make a hole for where you can place your bucket DIY Bar

for a bottle of wine.

There are a lot of things that you can do with your mini bar. You can even decorate the top part of the bar. You can put photos or tiles, what ever you can think of. Just be creative!


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