Burlap and Chevron Super Cute

Burlap and Chevron Super CuteWreaths aren’t just for Christmas time. Want a cute summer wreath for you front door? We’ll tell you how! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 wreath form

1 roll of chevron ribbon

1 roll of burlap ribbon

1 roll of twine

Optional: you can put other accessories on your wreath once the basics are done

Burlap and Chevron Super Cute

Let’s get started!

1.)    You’ll need your form and your plain burlap first. Take one end of the burlap and tuck it into one side of your form. Keeping it loose, work your way around the frame tucking bits of the ribbon into the form at intervals and making sure that you allow equally spaced and equally sized “hills” in the burlap until you get to the other side. Tuck in the other end of the burlap. If you run out of ribbon before you’ve covered the frame, just wrap chevron ribbon around the bare spot.

2.)    Next, take the twine, cut off a decently long piece, and tie it to the middle wire of the frame where the two ends of the burlap meet. This will be for your bow, so make sure there’s enough twine. Now cut between seven and ten pieces of equal-length twine and put them aside.

3.)    Get your chevron ribbon and unroll it. Not fold it in half just once. Put the top that you just folded at the top of your wreath. Unfold the ribbon and tie down the now-obvious middle of the ribbon to the top of the wreath with twine. Now tie down the chevron ribbon with twine at intervals down each side of the wreath until they meet at the bottom. Make sure you leave equally sized “hills” for the chevron too, as you can see in the picture.

4.)    Now tie down the bow with the twine you put down earlier and the rest of the chevron. Make it look pretty and cover up the twine as you finish the bow itself. Leave enough chevron so that tails come off the end.

5.)    Trim off any excess twine and you’re done! If you want to add any embellishments, it’s easily done with some pins, glue, or more twine.


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