Wannabe Closet

Wannabe ClosetRefurbish your old bookcases and make them into a mini armoire or closet for rooms that have limited space. This is a fabulous suggestion for the nursery or toddler rooms which have less clothing. The clothes are also shorter so it’s easier to hang them one over the other. Another suggestion is to use your bookshelves as a place to store your shoe collection, handbags, makeup, etc. The possibilities are endless – and you were thinking of chucking this beauty?

 Wannabe Closet

 Step 1: Sand down the bookcase. You want to make sure the previous paint is sanded off to the best of your ability so that the new coat won’t slip and slide.

Step 2: Give your bookcase a facelift and paint a thick layer of paint over it. You’re giving it a new life so choose something different and exciting.

Step 3: If you’d like, install glass doors to fashion your bookcase into an armoire.

Step 4: Take dowels or thick rods, painted in the same color as your bookshelf, and set them into your book shelf. You might have to remove some of the shelves in order to make the appropriate amount of room.

Step 5: Play around with the remaining shelves. Make the spaces work for your products. In the image two for the shelves were pushed closer together to house a few blankets and to make room for the baby clothes hanging off the dowel.

If you need more storage, you could always add baskets to the bottom shelf, or if you’re low on lighting, install small LED lights into the top of the unit.


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  • November 11, 2013 at 2:52 am

    How did you go about removing the shelves? Mine aren’t just set in there on stands it’s like they are glued or notched in I’m thinking glued though!


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