ESP: Easy Surface Prep


When painting cabinets you have to do some sanding to prep them for the paint but what do you do if you absolutely do not want to sand the cabinets? That’s when ESP comes in handy (Easy Surface Prep). This amazing invention can be bought at hardware stores and paint shops.

How does it work?

It cleans old painted surfaces and leaves a thin film before recoating. It allows paints to stick to any non-porous surface. It avoids the use of sanding. It can be painted over anytime including 2 hours later or weeks later, not to mention it’s easy to use and won’t damage old coatings and it also reduces surface prep time!

So is it a good idea to use?

Definitely. If it has that many pros to it then it is a great idea to invest in this.

Where can I use this?

You can use this on baked enamels, painted walls, radiators, furniture, varnishes, and even lacquers. You can also use this on ceramics in the bathroom, melamine on the kitchen furniture and even on glass.

How do I apply this?

You’ll apply a liberal amount of the ESP, leave it 5 minutes then wipe over the surface in one direction very lightly with a cloth to remove excess. Then you’re going to let it dry for two hours before applying the finish.

Here’s a video that will also help you:

Good Luck with your painting! Have you used ESP before? Tell me what you thought!


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