Teal-ed Up and No Where to Go

Teal-ed Up and No Where to GoTeal can be difficult to work with, sometimes coming across too strong for your home. Here are our tips to rocking this shade:

Pick a teal that is in a jewel tone. You want it to appear rich and vibrant – you want it to come alive. Look at depth and intensity!

Use neutral accent colors. Colors like browns and whites lessen the harsh effects of your paint, so don’t be afraid to add a splash of cream here and black there. It will soften the vividness and make it easier to work with.

Add color accents within the same color family. Play with different shades of teal – you will be awed at the possibilities. Now we’re not only adding interest, but character. Think of stripes or a textured pattern. Or you could always paint one wall in your other shade and follow up with a jewel toned teal.


Add metallics. Metals are sinful. They add a reflective contrast that adds interest. Gold will match splendidly with teal and we highly recommend adding some metallic touches via the light fixture or frames.


Yellow lighting – white light can make anything look obscene, so stick to something yellow for an ethereal glow. The color will bounce off the walls for a pleasing and easy on the eyes room.


Pick matching accessories. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, adding appropriate corresponding accessories will help bring your vision to life. We’re thinking peacock feathers, so we’re throwing in a feathered blanket, paintings with the Evil Eye, and lets not forget about the thin, brightly colored drapes.



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