A Hallway to Remember

A Hallway to RememberA Hallway to Remember

This collage adds a family touch to the basement stairwell. The color scheme of red and white is balanced with neutral colors of white and light brown. The framed quotes make the collage unique and special to this family.

 If you would like to make your own family collage, then the first thing you would have to do is decide where it would go. The stairwell used above is large enough that the collage doesn’t dwarf the wall. It simply draws attention to an otherwise empty and plain area. Look for a similar area in your house, a wall that you feel is too plain or needs to stand out more.

 The next step is figuring out a color scheme. Make sure that the colors used complement each other and the space around them. Balance the brighter colors with neutral colors and never use neon. Choose a maximum of three different colors; any more and it won’t look as elegant as the one above.

 Then, comes the hard part: deciding what you want in your collage. Would you like to include baby pictures, grown up pictures, no pictures? Would you like to do family initials, fun quotes, or something different? You have many different options to choose from, but, when you are deciding, make sure that you don’t overdo it. There should be enough items to cover the majority of the wall, but it should also have space between each other. Remember: the collage needs to fit inside the wall, not the other way around. Also, choose items that complement each other and the space around it, not just whatever you think looks nice. It will look more professional if you choose that way.


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