DIY Custom Closet on the Cheap

DIY Custom Closet on the Cheap DIY Custom Closet on the Cheap

Custom shelving is a great way to personalize a closet. Shelving organizes your closet into groups so it can serve your personal needs. However, installing custom shelving can be quite expensive. Here’s an inexpensive way to make your own custom shelving.

 -Plan your design. If you have more clothes than shoes, you will likely want more hanger space. But, If you have more shoes than clothes, you will likely want more cubby space. Make those decisions now so you know where to put your shelves and how many. Also, find the dimensions of your closet so you know what size the shelves need to be.

 -Use wooden rods to place hangers on. If you make an indent for the rod at each end, then it will fit easily and likely not fall out. The wood should be thick enough that a hanger can fit on it and that it doesn’t break when clothes are placed on it.

 -Place shelve units in your own unique way. To make shelves, you could buy a book shelf and place it inside your closet. This provides an easy way to add shelves. You could also make your own shelves out of wood. Use sand and paint to make the shelves look more professional. Divide the shelves in the ways that best serve your needs. If you need small shelves, then divide one book shelf into two, but if you need larger shelves, make your own. You could always pick up a bookshelf from a thrift store for a reasonable price or find one on Craigslist.

 -Fill your new custom shelved closet with all your clothes and items. Make sure everything fits and is organized. You custom shelves have been completed.


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