A Garden of Books

A Garden of BooksA Garden of Books

Gardens tell a story, and it’s important to make sure yours is telling the right one – or, you can always showcase a few of your favorites.

 Step 1: Take and clean a few bricks – the rougher the brick, the grungier the ‘book.

Step 2: Grab a sponge and dab your favorite color onto the longer side of the brick – you could always leave it blank if you prefer the red brick. You want to focus the majority of your efforts on the side of the brick, since you are trying to replicate a book spine.

Step 3: Followup by decorating the spine of the book with accent colors such as black or white, painting on the title and icon of your desired novel.

Step 4: Decorate your garden with your latest additions. You could lean them against each other, stack them by some flowers, or on the front steps of your house.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and stage your garden. If you have the room, arrange your bricks  by a bench or birdbath and create a setting. You want to replicate an actual scene, so add in some flowers and other creative touches like a tea cup or pot, filled with your choice of flowers. Finally, complete the look with a few garden statues. You could pick these up in many fun style from animals to humans. For those low on room, simply stack the bricks along your steps to mimic a bookshelf. Or use them as a base for your plants, and stick your smaller pots on top for a decorative touch.

What stories is your garden telling today?


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