Canvas of Memories

Canvas of MemoriesCanvas of Memories

Wanting to add a bit of you to your home? Take images of your family members and have them professionally printed on a canvas. These pictures should have similar color schemes or styles. If they do not, then the collage will not come out looking as professional. The pictures used above look like they were taken in similar areas. They also share the same color scheme of brown hair and blue shirt. Overall, each canvas seems to flow into the next one.

 To create the letters on the canvass, take a stencil or rub on stickers and after arranging the canvases, apply a saying. Some common ones are “family,” “love,” and “blessed.” You can find stencils of these sayings and more in a crafts store for less than $8.00. The color of the stencil should contrast with that of the pictures’.

 Before hanging up the canvasses to the wall, decorate the area around it first. Paint the wall a color that contrasts with the colors used on the canvasses. You can add texture to the wall by using sponge painting or buying special texture paint. Once the wall has been decorated, add furniture and then decorative pieces. The above setting adds a black side table and places decorative candles and lights.

After painting, nail the collage to the wall in the entry way so that it spells your special message. In the case above, the special message was LOVE. The arrangement will add a personal touch to your home. When your guests stop by for a visit, their first glimpse of your home will be of your family’s memories.


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