Soda Can Solar Heater

Soda Can Solar HeaterThe solar heater in the image above uses soda cans to heat things like garages, greenhouses, and other areas. The heater involves the use of soda cans, vacuum parts, plastic/glass frame, black paint, pipes, and other items.


The first step to collect the items. Here are your materials:

Fifty soda cans, lined up 5 cans by 10 cans, were used to make the solar heater above. The more soda cans you have, the more heat will likely be generated, so you can use more cans to make it.

A vacuum hose is also needed to transfer the heat made by the solar heater into the area to be heated.

A drill of some kind will need to be used to make a hole at the bottom of each can. This allows for heat to be transfer through the cans and then into the hose.

Black paint is needed to paint the soda cans.

Once you have your tools, follow the steps below to get a recycled solar heater:


Step 1: Paint all the soda cans black

Step 2: Using a drill, make a hole in the bottom of every soda can.

Step 3: Line the soda cans up in the frame, gluing the cans into it.

Step 4: Glue to plastic screen to the wooden frame.

Step 5: Attach the vacuum hose to an opening in a frame and then move it to the garage or other area to be warmed

Step 6: When the sunlight hits the cans, hot air should flow into the area that needs to be warmed.

You’re all set to go! So reach out and go green, saving not only your cans but Mother Earth’s heat!


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