Pond-less Waterfalls

Pond less Waterfalls

I love the look of a beautiful waterfall, and this one is one of my favorites. It’s easy and cheap to set up in your backyard, and the best part is that it doesn’t attract too many unwelcome flies or insects. Waterfalls are said to help lower blood pressure and are very relaxing. They add a serenity to the home that brings homeowners are peace.

 Their beautiful architecture is also not to go amiss. It’s a small world wonder that is quick to appreciate. Depending on your funds you could hire a contractor to specially build one for you or you can DIY one yourself – there are plenty of videos on Youtube.

Dig yourself a hole – something deep and wide – and fill it with a plastic collector such as a plastic pool. Then fill it with water to start your stream.

 The most important thing about your water fall is picking the correct stones. You want to have large, staggered stones on top for the water to fall from – something that will roll down from one flagstone to the next. Add stones to the bottom of the waterfall to collect the water and create a running, flowing stream. You don’t want the water to sit. You want it to keep moving. Finish it off by creating a boundary of rocks to keep the water from spilling out.

 To spice things up, you could build a mini pond and house Koi fish for a little something extra, again, a very easy incorporation.


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