Curtain Closing

Curtain ClosingPorch with Curtains  Curtain Closing

The curtained patio can be opened to sunshine or closed to the cold, depending on your mood. If you wanted to hold a gathering outside or enjoy the outdoors, you could keep the curtains open. When a more private setting was needed, the curtains could be closed. The opening and closing of the curtains transform the patio from one setting to the next.

 The curtains on the patio have another benefit: acting as bug protection. Closing the curtain can prevent bugs, like mosquitoes, from disturbing the people on the patio. With the curtains to protect you, you wouldn’t have to go inside during the evening

 The color of the ties and curtains match the color scheme of the furniture on the patio. The color scheme is reduced to two colors: green and yellow. The patio adds variety by using all kinds of shades of the two colors. The curtains are a cream yellow partnered with a gray green; and the patio chair cushions are yellow while the pillows are a striped yellow and green. The different colors all share yellow and green, but many different shades are used.

 As a decoration you could add pots of flowers around the deck. Any size pot could be used, but be aware of where you are placing them. Large pots should be placed on the ground as stand alonedecorations while smaller pots should be used in an arrangement of other plants or on a side table. The color of the flowers should complement the color scheme and should not be the same. The bit of greenery will liven up the deck without seeming out of place (since you’re outdoors).


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