Swapping the Grout for Tiles

 Swapping the Grout for Tiles

 Adding tile to a room is a fun way to personalize it to your own specific style. What’s not fun is installing  that tile using grout. The above picture shows a fun alternative to using grout in floor tile: add a strip of  tile between the large tiles. In this way, you don’t have to worry about grout, yet the tile is still securely  pinned down.

 This idea also opens up more possible combinations for floor tile. Grout could only come in so many  colors, but thin tile comes in many combinations, patterns, and textures. The possibilities for floor tile  would be endless.

 This method also leads to a more professional finish. Tile itself is not very hard to put on. The hard part is putting the grout on cleanly and uniformly. By using this method of installing tile, you don’t even have to worry about grout as much. You save the tedious time it takes to mix and place grout, and instead spend more time on the fun part: styling the tile.

 Tile can be placed in many different ways. It could be placed like diamonds across the floor or alternating tile. There could be one large tile surrounded by four little tiles or there could be many tiny tiles one after another. Whichever decision you chose for tiling, it has to work well with the thin tiles. I would suggest buying larger tiles, simply because it will look better together.

 Think of adding tiles with interesting textures – maybe something reflective or metallic? The difference in depth and intensity is sure to stir up interest.


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