Show Your Mail Who’s Boss

Show Your Mail Whos BossShow Your Mail Whos Boss

Mail accumulates over the course of the day. When it is carelessly tossed on the counter, it looks messy and unattractive. It would be difficult to find something important in that sea of junk mail or unorganized letters. The mail holder helps you organize your mail. It provides a place to put important letters and reduces unnecessary clutter without taking up any counter space.

 The holder is easy to use; all you have to do is slip mail inside. The mail box can hold small packages, large envelopes, tiny letters, and other items of that size. If you don’t have trouble organizing your mail, you could use it to organize items on a desk or work area. Important papers can be slipped inside the box and you no longer have to worry about them getting lost in the clutter of your desk. The mail box is conveniently located, noticeable without being the center of attention or in the way of counter space. The style of the box is reminiscent of older-styled mail boxes, adding a rustic look to the your the area it is placed.

 The holder can be installed anywhere as long as the surface it is placed on can hold the weight of the box without risk of damaging the wall. The box could go into the kitchen, by the door, in a living room…. The box can fit anywhere that has room for it and can hold its weight.

With the extra space you get from using the mail box, you could place a decoration, more important items, or use it for another reason. The important thing is, you don’t have to worry about where your mail will be as long as you have the mail holder looking after it for you.


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