Renovation in the Bedroom

Modern master bedroom interiorRenovation in the Bedroom

Why use a headboard when you could install a shelf and personalize it with all your favorite things. In this picture, the shelf extends from one end of the bed to the other. The room has an ocean theme, as can be seen by the starfish and shells placed throughout the room. Replacing the headboard with the shelf allows for more personalization and room for decoration.

 To make a mantle like the one above, follow these directions.

 -Buy a shelf long enough to cover the length of the bed. Install, making sure the shelf is stable and can hold the weight you want to put on it. This is vitally important since you do not want anything to fall onto your head while you are sleeping or lying in bed.

 -Decorate the shelf with your favorite things. Have a set theme for the items you place on them. For example, childhood memories could involve baby pictures and the like. Do not clutter the shelf. Space the items on the shelves so they are close enough to look connected but far enough that they don’t look too cluttered. Think about adding unique wall appliques to add character.

 -Decorate the room around it according to the mantle shelf. The mantle has now become the focal point for the room. For traditional beds with headboards, the first thing that draws our attention is the headboard. Since the headboard has been replaced by the mantle piece, the new focal point becomes the headboard. The room should have the same color scheme and/or theme throughout.


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