DIY Butterfly Feeder

DIY Butterfly FeederThis feeder is of simple design yet it would make an outstanding center piece for a garden. The feeder acts like a bird bath but, instead of bathing birds, the feeder has hungry butterflies. Butterflies help in pollination of flowers and other vital processes. The different kinds and types of butterflies that the feeder attracts makes it a valuable piece for a garden.

To make a butterfly feeder, you would first need a basin for the butterfly food to go in. The basin can be of any size, from small to large. However, the larger the basin, the more butterflies would likely come. Bird baths or fountains can be used to make a butterfly feeder.

The first thing to take care of would be the butterfly food. Butterflies eat foods like over-ripe fruit and sugared water. The feeder above uses overripe bananas floating in water to attract the butterflies. If you don’t have any over-ripe fruit lying around, you could mix sugar with water and use that in the feeder. Either method should attract the butterflies.

After the basin has been filled with water and the food has been placed in it, position it somewhere in the yard. The butterflies would prefer an area with shade and plants rather than sunlight and heat. After positioning your bird feeder, wait to see if any butterflies come. You may be surprised by the number and different kinds of butterflies that come your way.

This is fabulous for sharing with your kids during the Summer. It gives them a fun activity to invest their time in, and it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy spending time with your kids.


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