Sprucing up Your Windows

Sprucing up Your WindowsCurtains are an essential part of a room that has windows. The thickness and color of the cloth are two factors that affect how much light can get into a room. To change the amount of lighting in a room without changing the curtains, you could tie them back or slide them away from the windows. This allows light to come in unimpeded.

 Sprucing up Your Windows

 The curtains used in the room above were likely chosen to match the color scheme of the room. The stripes on the curtain add contrast to an otherwise completely white room. The decreasing thickness of the stripes on the curtain also make a unique pattern that looks well in the room.

 To make personalized curtains of your own, you would have to decide what room you would want to make it for. After finding a room, a color scheme to match it must be chosen. The curtains should add contrast to the room; it should not be the same exact color as the room. Next step is fabric. If you want to block all of the light by closing the curtains, then you should probably chose an opaque fabric. Make sure to get enough fabric to cover the windows some extra width and length.

 Now comes the actually making of the curtains. Overlap one end of the fabric to make the area to fit the rod in. Sew at the bottom and top of the overlap to close it. You now have a curtain. You can decorate it by sewing designs or fabrics into the curtain. When you want to hang them up, use curtain clips to attach the fabric to the curtain rod.


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