We’ve Got the Blues

Weve Got the BluesWeve Got the Blues

Individually, each item in this piece is pleasing. But, when the different textures, shapes, and colors are brought together, they have the potential to create something exceptionally beautiful.

 When choosing a color scheme, do not choose too many color families. For example, decorating a room with every color in the rainbow is too much color. Reduce the color palate to two or three colors and vary the shades to add more variety in a room. Blue and green are two color combinations that always look amazing together. They contrast in ways that make each color seem brighter and more vibrant than they could be alone. However, even though color is essential to brightening up a room, an overuse in color causes a room to look intense and irritating to the eyes. Neutral colors, like gray, cream, and browns, balance with the brighter colors, preventing the room from becoming too overwhelming.

 The fabrics chosen for the furniture and pillows are of similar textures but different patterns. The solid colors are complimented with striped ones. Using only one solid color or pattern throughout a room can look dull and unexciting. Adding the striped patterns interrupts the continuous pattern of one color and personalizes a room. If you have ribbon, you could add them to the edges of pillows or other fabrics to add extra to the palate.

 To liven up a room without using excess color, add a bit of greenery to the room. Plants are very versatile. As long as the pot compliments the color scheme, plants can fit in all kinds of décor. You could place a plant as a center piece, a decorative piece, to fill an empty floor space, or on a side table.


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    What are the colors in the photo


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