An Inviting Welcome

An Inviting WelcomeAn Inviting Welcome

The design for the living room makes it seem both comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The placement of the black side table and the orientation of the couch separate the entryway from the living room. The strategic placing of the tables allows for only one entrance to the living room, further separating the two areas. Defining this line makes the entryway seem larger and more inviting.

 Choosing a color scheme for a room is usually the hardest part of decorating. There are hundreds of different options to choose from. A safe bet is to partner a light color with a more neutral color. Light colors are easy on the eyes, brighten up a room, and contrast well with black. A light color does not mean neon. Neon is never an acceptable color for a house. It bothers the eyes and would irritate guests. Neutral colors are dark colors, darken a room, and contrast well with white. In other words, neutral and light colors are opposites. In the design for the room above, a light blue is partnered with neutral colors of black and white. The blues and greens of the decorative pieces add color to an otherwise black and white room.

 Lighting is another key part of decorating. The brightest part of a room is usually where your eyes look at first, while the darkest is a place to avoid. For areas of a house that are dark, adding a light colored decorative piece brightens up a room. By placing the side table to the right of the door, the shadows in that area of the room are brightened by the white color.


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