Personalized Burlap Flag with Burlap Bow- Double Sided

Personalized Burlap Flag with Burlap Bow- Double SidedPersonalized Burlap Flag with Burlap Bow  Double Sided

If you are looking for a way to make a personalized sign, the burlap flag is a cheap and easy way to do so. To make the burlap flag, follow the directions below: First off, obtain a burlap sack. You could buy one from a fabric store for less than ten dollars or find one around the house. Burlap sacks are used in rice bags and for other items. It does not have to be a burlap bag, it can be any kind of fabric. However, this design uses burlap.

 After finding the fabric, plan the design for the flag. If you would like to copy the design of the picture, then cut the bag in half. Fold the edges for about four inches of overlap. To stick the overlap down, you could use fabric glue or sew the edge with string. If the bag has one long handle, cut it down the middle. Even out the two newly cut handles, then overlap it and stick it down with fabric glue or sew it with string.

 The sign part of the flag has been completed. Now comes the decoration of the flag. Using stencils, you could write a message on the flag, like ‘welcome’ or ‘home sweet home’. Stencils can be bought from a craft store for less than ten dollars.

 To create a bow like the one in the picture, use the extra burlap. Cut a long strip from the burlap about four inches thick. You can cut triangles out of the edges to style the ribbon of fabric. Next, use the fabric to make the bow by tying two loops together. Finally, use fabric glue to attach the bow to the sign.


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