Love this Kitchen

Love this KitchenEach individual has their own style when it comes to their kitchen. They can be modern, rustic, western, or any style in the book. However, no matter what the style, there are a few essentials to make every kitchen look beautiful.

1.    The style of the cabinets determines the style of the kitchen. You cannot make a modern styled kitchen without using modern styled cabinets. When choosing cabinets, consider the following: the color, handle, and style.


Choose neutral colored cabinets, like black, white, dark brown, or another variation. These neutral colors contrast well with all kinds of colors, allowing more options in designing the kitchen. Choosing a brighter color is riskier; colored cabinets work well with specific colors. This limits your options in decorating, however you can still make a beautiful kitchen using colored cabinets.

The handles should contrast well with the color of the cabinets. Cabinets that are light colored should have dark accents and dark colored handles. Dark colored cabinets should have silver or lighter colored handles.

When choosing the style, there are limitless possibilities. You have to consider the amount of glass, the shape, do you want them to have accents, and so many other questions. Choose the style you like the most.

2.   When choosing a countertop, remember to contrast it with the cabinets. They should not be the same color; they should stand out. Granite is popular for countertops: it is strong, smooth, and has a nice pattern. However, if granite is too expensive, there are cheaper substitutes that give the same look as granite. You could also use tiles or something else for the counter.


3.    Backsplash ties the upper half of the counters with the lower half. Choose a design that ties the two together. Tile gives the backsplash a very sophisticated and elegant look. It adds a three dimensional aspect to the design. Wallpaper can also be used in the backsplash.


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