Fruit Slide

fruit-slide-better-then-a-bowl-sitting-on-the-counterInstead of wasting valuable counterspace on a fruit bowl, find a creative or atsy alternative such as this sliding fruit slide!


There is nothing wrong with bowls, Oh no, there isn’t. It’s a very useful container for fruits. Did you ever heard about a container that makes your fruits slide? Ha! It’s a more convenient way of holding fruits, as well as serving them!

The Fruit Slide Fruit Slide is a container that stores fruit. It is very convenient, stylish, and above all unique! The style is from the timeless spiral design. It is one of a kind that can also be a decoration around your kitchen or dining room, wherever you want to place it. Unlike in the fruit bowl, it needs space on a table or kitchen counter, but the Fruit Slide can just be placed or hanged anywhere, can save a lot of space!


This can also be attractive to little kids’ eyes. A great way of tempting them in eating fruits. You can place different kinds of apples, oranges, lemons, mangoes, and many more. The slide Fruit Slide can also be any type of slide, as long as it is more or less the same with the photo above, but you can also choose a slide that can hod other kinds of fruits. Just think and be creative.


Also, make sure that it is safely placed in one area, the hook secured, and fruits has a stopper, to prevent from falling. You can share this idea with your friends and neighbors, you can even show them your Fruit Slide for inspiration. Enjoy!


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