How to Choose Paint Color

How to Choose Paint ColorDesigner Sabrina Soto’s favorite paint colors: I love the Manchester tan for our new living room color and maybe the old navy as the wall directly across from the bar in the kitchen!! – someone else wrote the previous but I liked it. Pretty neutral so pops of color are definitely needed and they are kinda “capey” but I like them. (I think we have some of these colors in P’cola).

Although, born in Miami, Sabrina Soto a Cuban who was born in the United States. She used to assist her mother with her decorating and home-staging business. Years after, she developed a love for design, a talent for creating beautiful spaces under budget and an great ability to clean and organize just about any space.

Later in her career, she made her way into television as a host for series on TLC and MTV and a web-based series on Yahoo!. Looking at these colors, they are quite fancy and expensive looking, but they are not. We can even get paints with the same color for less! Just find any paint on any hardware store that is closest to the color you want.

The Bennington Grey is kind of a very light brow that is a great color for a living room. It spells neat and cozy. The Bleeker Beige, a cool color, great for bedrooms. It makes the whole aura of the bedroom feel cool and comfy. The Dry Sage, also great for living rooms, but better in a Study. Makes you want to concentrate on your book or papers.

The we have the Gray Huskie , this color can be used for matching colors. Like, the color Old Navy
, match the Gray Huskie with it, and it will look spectacular. The La Paloma Gray is also great for matching colors, just like the Gray Huskie. The Manchester Tan can also be used for the bedroom, a cozy color, great for lighting up the space. The Old Navy, such a rich color, a great color for your roof and your bathroom, for a unique kind of color. Not a lot of bathrooms has the Navy color on their bathroom walls, and believe me, it will look amazing!

Oyster shell paint color ca also be used for your bathroom walls since it’s a lighter shade of aqua. Shaker Beige can be used for the Dining Room. The color is quite perfect for it. The Shenandoah Taupe can be used in the living room as well, or the bedroom. The Silver Fox is another color for matching. The Spanish Olive can be used for the kitchen walls. It’s aura is perfect for cooking. Sterling is a cool color, can be used in the bathroom or powder room in your home. Sabrina Soto has excellent taste i paint colors, don’t you think?


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