Stunning Headboard

The most important aspect of a bedroom is, of course, the bed. It is the largest piece of the furniture in the room and, as such, should be the first thing to draw your attention. The headboard used in the picture does exactly that.

The room is almost completely white. The lack of color draws the eyes to the shadow and intricacies of the large headboard. The pattern of the carvings in the headboard are yet another way to draw attention. The bed is square in all aspects, except the circular pattern of the headboard. The shapes and shadows contrast.

Stunning HeadboardThe size of the headboard is quite massive, reaching all the way to the ceiling. The headboard was likely created from many long planks of wood tied together using adhesive or some other material. The wood has a smooth finish, meaning its probably been sanded down and waxed. The way they were placed, however, looks almost seamless.


The center sun ties the design all together. The other designs on the headboard are tiny compared to the large sun. The lighting in the room shines down on the bed and pillows, making the already white color even brighter. The lighting is yet another way to draw the eye.

Overall, the headboard acts as the center of the whole room. Its unique design provides a personalized touch to the bedroom. You could probably change the color of the headboard using paint. In the white room, the addition of a colored headboard would emphasize the contrast and separation of the arrangement.


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