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Picture-GroupingsPicture GroupingsPicture Groupings

Picture Groupings Picture Groupings are fancy to look at. It is being used in Hotels, Mansions, Art Galleries, and even Malls. The photos are statement already, but when you group them, that’s art. It’s easy to group pictures though there are some tips that you need to know.

First, Theme – It is always helpful to group items that are alike together. For example: Same artist, Black and white photos of the same  topic, Color photos of the same topic, and the same subject (cars, plants, family, pets, etc.). Second, the Structure. Lay the chosen pieces on the floor in front of the desired wall to picture out how to arrange the photos.


Depending on the size of the photos, place them together with only a couple of inches between. Roughly measure your area and using painters tape or masking tape, make markers on the out the area on the wall to guide you when you are about to put them in place. You can decorate the Picture Groupings at your living room or Bedroom, anywhere you desire.


Third, Continuity the Picture frames in a group should be of the same style and color. This is the secret to creating a picture wall of family photos. Imagine photos on black and white grouped together, like a wall of memories, that’s beautiful. And lastly, Balance. It is important to match the size of the group to the scale of the area on the wall. So again, Theme, Structure, Continuity, and Balance. That is the formula to create a great Picture Groupings Picture Groupings. Take not and happy decorating! icon smile Picture Groupings


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