Ombre WallOmbre Wall

Ombre colored walls are a must! Aside from being popular nowadays.From hairs to nails, clothes, and now to walls. They make walls look so artsy, new, and above all it will surely bring a smile on your face! So awaken your creative side and let’s paint your walls ombre! How to paint your walls ombre: first, get 3 shades of paint with the same palette, one dark, one medium, and one light (for example: blue OmbreWall  ,lightblue, then skyblue ).

When you’re ready to paint your wall, make sure you put on old clothes because painting walls can be quite messy. Make sure everything around is covered or away from where you are painting to avoid from getting paint on them. Paint the entire wall in the lightest color first, then paint the bottom quarter of the wall in the darkest shade. Like in the photo above, the woman painted it with the darkest turquoise paint.


Next up, paint two more bands of color above this, with this combination: one stripe with the medium paint, and one stripe with a lighter blend of medium + light paint. After that, while the wall is still wet, take another dry paint brush and blend the borders between colors until they become a light-to-dark work of art, so that makes it ombre.


You can paint your living room for a new look. Paint your bathroom, to have that spunky feel whenever you enter the room, as well as painting your bedroom. I’m pretty sure teenage girls would want their rooms painted in ombre! Just play with colors and be creative!


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