How To Create An Ombre Wall

ombre wall You may have seen it in magazines, maybe on Pinterest or maybe you saw it on TV, it’s a new thing that’s taking over clothes, hair and now your walls. For those of you who are clueless, it’s called ombre.  Ombre started as a hairstyle where your roots would be dark then fade into a slightly lighter shade then fade into an even lighter shade.  Well, its made its mark in clothing and fabrics, and now it’s going to gain fame for being on your walls!


You’re probably wondering how you can get this wall makeover right? Here’s how:

  1.  First things first, pick three colors in the same color palette/chip, you’re going to clean off your wall, wipe it down to get any unseen dust off and make sure all decor is taken down. If you’re a sloppy painter like myself you may want to put some plastic or a tarp down over the flooring and if able to, remove furnishings or cover them.
  2. Get the lightest shade of paint first, get paint with the primer already in it. (It will make it blend better.) Paint the entire wall with the lightest shade of paint.
  3. Make three sections in the wall and lightly mark it with a pencil.
  4. Paint the middle section of the wall with the medium shade of paint leaving about 6″ above and below the section lines to blend the areas together.
  5. Quickly use a dry brush to blend by holding it at an 45 degree angle.
  6. Paint the darkest color at the bottom section of the wall.
  7. Next you’re going to create two new colors by blending the middle color in with a small bit of the light and a small bit of the dark, you’ll use this to blend it.
  8. Use the mixture of “Medium+Light” to paint the top 6″ empty section, using a dry paintbrush blend until you have achieved the look you want.
  9. Then, you’re going to use the mixture of “Dark+Medium” to paint the bottom 6″ section, then using another dry brush, blend until you have your desired look.

Now you have your ombre wall, invite all of your friends over to show it off, put some matching decor around and you will have a look that no one else does!

For a speedy version of this process check out the video below:

What colors would you use for your ombre walls? Comment below!


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